2018 DHS Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) Virtual Internship Fair

Registration and Privacy Information

This virtual fair is sponsored by the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), a U.S. government entity, and supported by 6Connex, a private company.

The information requested for your participation in this show will be used to permit you to enter the event website; visit the individual "booths" staffed by I&A personnel; populate a virtual briefcase; submit your resume and transcript electronically; and chat online with I&A recruiters and managers.

The data you provide during registration and/or that may be created by your visit (e.g., event activity logs and chat logs) may also be used for such purposes as developing metrics regarding the capabilities and interests of event participants and to inform future outreach efforts by I&A.

However, your resume and other materials or communications containing personally identifiable data will be expunged from the fair website after the virtual event is over and all aggregate analyses have been conducted, as will any materials you collected in your virtual briefcase.

Resumes and transcripts you submit through I&A Virtual Internship Fair process will be accessible only to I&A staff.


Do not include any classified, personally identifiable or export-controlled information as part of your participation in the I&A Virtual Internship Fair.

You agree that DHS I&A and any private companies, their employees, and affiliates who may be supporting this Virtual Fair are not responsible and may not be held liable for any information you make available in a manner inconsistent with this policy or outside the Virtual Fair process.

By registering, you indicate that you understand and agree to the terms of this policy and consent to the use of information you provide as part of your participation in the I&A Virtual Internship Fair for the purposes described herein.

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